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From street + food


street food (countable and uncountable, plural street foods)

  1. Food obtainable from a streetside vendor, often from a makeshift or portable stall.
    • 1997, Irene Tinker, Street Foods: Urban Food and Employment in Developing Countries
      All studies sought to distinguish between street food meals and snacks...
    • 2000, Catherine Hanger, Morocco: World Food
      In fact, street food may well be fresher than that served in restaurants and cafes, as it is cooked at the point of sale. It's certainly much cheaper.
    • 2002, Mary Deirdre Donovan, Careers for Gourmets and Others who Relish Food
      They specialize in all sorts of events, such as athletic competitions, fairs, and conventions, as well as receptions, banquets, and street food.