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street girl (plural street girls)

  1. A female streetwalker.
    • 2010, Gregg Valentino & ‎Nathan Jendrick, Death, Drugs, and Muscle, →ISBN:
      Julissa was a street girl, to be sure, but there's an art to what she was doing that night.
    • 2016, Liz Nugent, Lying In Wait, →ISBN, page 119:
      He talked to some street girls that worked the same area as your sister, but they didn't know him and she hadn't done street work for months before she disappeared..
    • 2017, Filippo Giovanni & Maria Carraro, The Boom Boom Girl, →ISBN, page 39:
      Working at the Suzie, Pup could easily net twice what a street girl made, and afford a lifestyle very few could afford.