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suped-up (comparative more suped-up, superlative most suped-up)

  1. (of a motor vehicle) modified for higher performance, applied by extension to other items
    • 1934, Hearings before the special committee investigating the munitions industry, United States Senate Seventy-Third Congress, page 925:
      I wish you would take that up with the factory and see if they can put out a job with a suped-up seven-cylinder job. The R-540 I think it is.
    • 2008, James Polk, The Triumph of Ignorance and Bliss: Pathologies of Public America[1]:
      Gone for many are the ah-so-touching Kodak moments of father and son throwing the ball to each other until the cows come home, replaced by cooler things like text-messaging while driving through the 'hood in a suped-up car sporting screaming hubcaps that cost a couple of grand apiece, and a look even Antarctic penguins unerringly recognize as Made in USA.
    • 2009, Anthony W. Strubel, Home Free: Growing Up in a Small Town in South Central Pennsylvania[2]:
      The first was a black van, that was suped up like a hot rod sort of vehicle.

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