Danish edit

Etymology edit

From sviger- +‎ datter. Calque of German Schwiegertochter.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /sviːˀərdatər/, [ˈsʋ̥iˀɐˌd̥ad̥ɐ]

Noun edit

svigerdatter c (singular definite svigerdatteren, plural indefinite svigerdøtre)

  1. daughter-in-law (the wife of one's son or daughter)

Declension edit

Norwegian Bokmål edit

Etymology edit

From sviger- +‎ datter.

Noun edit

svigerdatter m or f (definite singular svigerdattera or svigerdatteren, indefinite plural svigerdøtre or svigerdøtrer, definite plural svigerdøtrene)

  1. daughter-in-law (wife of one's child)
    De kom med svigerdattera si.
    They came with their daughter-in-law.

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