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swing shift (plural swing shifts)

  1. (US) A work shift between a day shift and a night shift, such as from 4PM to midnight, and the group of workers scheduled to work such a shift at a facility.
    • 2006, Roberto Refinetti, Circadian physiology, volume 1, page 580:
      It is generally believed that when rotating shifts are necessary the rotation should move clockwise (that is, day shift first, then swing shift, then graveyard shift, then back to day shift, and so on)
  2. (US) A system of shifts where each worker alternates between day shifts and night shifts.
    • 2005, Kenneth E. Heselton, Boiler Operator's Handbook, The Fairmont Press, Inc. →ISBN, page 5
      The problem is not usually associated with swing shift operation because the duties are balanced over time. When operators remain on one shift it is common for one shift to complain another has less to do.
    • 2010, Donald "Duke" Cartwright, Tough, Author House →ISBN, page 445
      We worked the swing shift. One week on days, one week on afternoons and one week on midnights


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