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tardis (plural tardises)

  1. Alternative form of Tardis
    • 1995, Liz Stanley, The Auto/Biographical I: The Theory and Practice of Feminist Auto-Biography, page 54:
      The photograph 'the romance of the auto/biographer's desk' is a tardis; when I enter the photograph I can move through time, move through a variety of times indeed.
    • 1999, in The Organic Way, issues 157–174, page 53:
      This small paperback book is a veritable tardis of tips on how to preserve the harvest glut. It covers 51 types of fruit and vegetables, including herbs.
    • 2009, Dominic Varadi, The Credit Crunch Conspiracy, page 214:
      10 Downing Street is a tardis of a property. Behind its famous black door lies a maze of corridors, offices and reception rooms. In one such room, decorated with oak panelling and oil paintings []




  1. second-person singular present subjunctive form of tardar