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Alternative formsEdit


From Old High German diutisc (people), from Proto-Germanic *þiudiskaz (of the people, popular), an adjective from *þeudō (people) (compare Old English þēod), from Proto-Indo-European *tewtéh₂. Cognate with German Deutsch.



taytx n

  1. German (language)
    • 2008, Noemia Assmann, Erinerung An Friirixe Xuul Tsayte, (published inside Contribuição ao desenvolvimento de uma ortografia da língua Hunsrik falada na América do Sul, by Ursula Wiesemann), page 35:
      In te tswët wëlt kriich, wi tas taytxe ferpoot waa...
      In the Second World War, when German was forbidden...

Usage notesEdit

The adjectival form taytxe can be used interchangeably.

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