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tele- +‎ bureau


telebureau (plural telebureaus or telebureaux)

  1. A telecentre.
    • 1998, Paul J. Jackson, Teleworking: International Perspectives[1]:
      On the other hand, there are also projects which have meanwhile stopped their operation, such as the Nykvarn neighbourhood office - one of the most prominent experimental cases, or the 'telebureau' in Goms, a very remote Swiss mountain village.
    • 2003, Ola Bergström, Contingent Employment in Europe and the United States[2], page 58:
      Many use agency staff extensively, while the agencies themselves have moved into providing and managing complete telebureaux.
    • 2004, Private Solutions for Infrastructure in Lesotho[3], page 53:
      Finally, the emergence of telebureaus providing resale of voice telephony and other value-added service is a significant downstream effect of sector liberalization.