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A presentation of the phrase "this close" that intentionally omits the space between the words to demonstrate the degree of closeness.


thisclose (not comparable)

  1. (informal, nonstandard) So close as to have no intervening space.
    • 1955, Bob Stohl, in TV guide: Volume 3, page 27:
      JUDY GARLAND was thisclose to signing an exclusive TV contract with NBC, but the deal fell through.
    • 2001, CMJ New Music Report (Dec 17, 2001), Vol. 69, No. 743, page 10:
      Sources indicate that Danzig is thisclose to signing a new label deal.
    • 2003, Megan McCafferty, Second Helpings: A Novel, page 80:
      Bridget is the only one at school who knows that I came thisclose to letting Marcus Flutie devirginize me last New Year's Eve.
    • 2009, Toni McGee Causey, Charmed and Dangerous, page 268:
      He knew he was thisclose to cuffing Bobbie Faye. Thisclose to keeping her from getting killed in the inevitable cross fire he sensed was coming; he felt it all the way to the cellular level of his bones.
    • 2015, J. R. Ward, Blood Kiss, page 35:
      If her father knew she was thisclose to a male like that?