From time +‎ -worthy.


timeworthy (comparative more timeworthy, superlative most timeworthy)

  1. Deserving of time or deserving of time required
    • 1997, M. Robbins, Writing Simulations, page 48:
      New features coming in may replace others not as timeworthy.
    • 2012, Godfrey Blunden, A Room on the Route:
      I had the impression, not uncommon to foreigners in Russia, that my entrance had interrupted a conversation of timeworthy importance, a secret meeting perhaps, a conclave.
    • 2014, Barrington J. Bayley, Barrington Bayley SF Gateway Omnibus:
      'Then we thank you. Please let us know if you need anything to make your ship timeworthy. I think we can expect you to be on your way in, let us say, ten hours?'

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