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Attested since 1851 according to Svenska Akademiens ordbok. From Traveller Norwegian kjei (girl; fiancée) of Romani čai (girl; woman; wife), a feminine form of čavo (boy). Derived from the root found in the Sauraseni Prakrit [script needed] (chāva), corresponding to Pali [script needed] (chāpa, the young of an animal).



tjej c

  1. (colloquial) Young girl or woman; gal.
    Några tjejer från gymnasiet gick runt i affären.
    Some girls from the local high school were browsing in the store.
    Synonyms: flicka, tös, brud
  2. (colloquial) Female person regardless of age.
    Det var bara vi tjejer i 50-årsåldern där.
    It was only us gals in our 50s there.
    Synonyms: kvinna, brud
  3. (colloquial) Girlfriend.
    Imorgon ska mina kompisar få träffa min nya tjej.
    Tomorrow my friends are going to meet my new girlfriend.
    Synonyms: flickvän, brud


Declension of tjej 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative tjej tjejen tjejer tjejerna
Genitive tjejs tjejens tjejers tjejernas

Derived termsEdit