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toplofty (comparative toploftier, superlative toploftiest)

  1. Self-important, haughty.
    • 1897, John Kendrick Bangs, "Unexpected Pomp at the Perkins's" in Paste Jewels:
      [T]he butler had entered, bearing in a toplofty fashion a huge silver platter, upon which lay a superb salmon, beautifully cooked and garnished.
    • 1956, "The Press: Change at the Guardian," Time, 5 Nov.:
      Britain's Manchester Guardian . . . often irritates politicians with toplofty editorials suggesting that the paper is not only on the side of the angels but right alongside them in heaven.
    • 2002, Mary Balogh, No Man's Mistress[1], →ISBN, page 373:
      A more toplofty, chilling man she had never known.