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transgender +‎ -ist


transgenderist (plural transgenderists)

  1. (rare, sometimes pejorative) A transgender person.
    • 2002, Richard Ekins, ‎David King, Blending Genders:
      Going further than the one-dimensional femininity of the transvestite and cross-dresser, many transgenderists mix and match, blending as much femininity or masculinity with its opposite into new gender recipes.
    • 2010, Carole Jones, Disappearing Men: Gender Disorientation in Scottish Fiction, 1979-1999:
      [] in her cross-dressed transgenderist the assured knowableness of the universal subject is cast into doubt as she exposes the far from secure boundaries of maleness.
    • 2012, Patrick Slattery, Curriculum Development in the Postmodern Era:
      Being a transsexual is not something that can be ignored or suppressed forever. Unlike the fascinations of the cross dresser or the partially altered transgenderist, the absolute compulsion of classical transsexualism is a matter of life and death.