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twatish (comparative more twatish, superlative most twatish)

  1. Alternative form of twattish
    • 1995, The Virgin Rock Yearbook 1994-1995, page 1995:
      The usual cries of "must we fling this filth at the kids" arose from all the usual places, leaving defenders of the twatish twosome to claim that, "hey! it's just a joke, nobody's suggesting that they're role models."
    • 2008, Tristan Hughes, Revenant, page 31:
      And for some reason I'm overcome with the overwhelming impulse to slap Neil on the back of the head, which I do - before I even know her name - and afterwards I don't even know why I've done it and I'm thinking that was a twatish thing to do, not because Neil didn't deserve it but because that's probably what she thinks.
    • 2019, S.J. Cairns, Division:
      Sometimes you do twatish things when you're consumed.

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