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twining (countable and uncountable, plural twinings)

A twining plant
  1. (countable) A layout or motion that twines.
    • 1907, Ludwig Jost, Robert John Harvey Gibson, Lectures on plant physiology:
      In addition to autonomous movements in one plane we have also autonomous movements in space, such as torsions and twinings.
  2. (Britain, uncountable, regional, Cumbria) complaining or grumbling
    • 2009 November 23, agency., “Cockermouth starts journey back from flood devastation”, in The Guardian:
      Canon Bryan Rowe, quoted in the article. It's going to take months to put right. But you won't hear any twining [Cumbrian dialect for moaning]. Nobody is going: 'Woe is us'. Everybody is just trying to help somebody else.



  1. present participle of twine

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