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unæquivocal (comparative more unæquivocal, superlative most unæquivocal)

  1. (rare, archaic) Alternative spelling of unequivocal
    • 1932, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynæcologists (Great Britain), The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynæcology of the British Empire, volume 39, page 316:
      Thus, we have repeatedly referred to the high abortion and premature birth-rate, and to the tendency to placental infarction found in women subject to the unæquivocal eclamptic type of toxæmia.
    • 1956, Edward Gibbon (author) and Jane Elizabeth Norton (editor), Letters: 1784–1794, volume 3, page 170 (Cassell):
      The golden pill of the £2800 has soothed my discontent and if it be safely lodged with the Goslings, I agree with you in considering [it] as an unæquivocal pledge of a fair and willing purchaser.
    • 1965, Acta Biologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, volumes 15–16, page 197 (Magyar Tudományos Akadémia):
      No unæquivocal data are available concerning the occurrence of other substances [8].
    • 1980, Folia Haematologica: Internationales Zentralorgan für Blut- und Serumforschung, volume 107, page 615 (Verlag Von August Hirschwald):
      Once a (hæmato)cytologist is familiar with lymph node cytology and has the opportunity to use the Giemsa stain routinely, he is as safe as a histologist in making a class V, i.e. an unæquivocal, diagnosis of malignancy.