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  1. comparative form of unable: more unable
    • 1779, Desiderata Curiosa Or a Collection of Divers Scarce and Curious Pieces Relating Chiefly to Matters of English History, page 89:
      Forasmuch as we are geven to understand, that, at the great charges of the saide Ansley, divers of the poorer & unabler sort of the saide recusants, havinge bene convented [before] you, doe, upon the[ir] triall remayne lawfullie convicted;
    • 1810, A. Cowley, “To the Reader”, in The Works of the English Poets, from Chaucer to Cowper:
      If thou dislike these sorrowful lines, then know, My muse with tears, not with conceits, did flow; And, as she my unabler quill did guide, Her briny tears did on the paper fall; If then unequal numbers be espied, Oh, Reader! do not that my errour call;
    • 2004, Glover, Vermont: Andersonville, the first 100 years, page 162:
      As to my coming to America, I cannot say anything about it at this time owing to the state of my family, but still I have as good an intention to come as ever I had, but what we have come through at this time has rendered us a great deal unabler for it than we were last year, but still if our family suffers all stout, I hope that we will be able yet to see that land, and John our son has offered to assist us in playing for a farm if we can have it in our power to go to America.