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verksam +‎ -het. Swedish verksamhet derives from verksam (busy, active) just like English business derives from being busy.



verksamhet c

  1. an activity, a business (commercial or not), an enterprise, an institution


Declension of verksamhet 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative verksamhet verksamheten verksamheter verksamheterna
Genitive verksamhets verksamhetens verksamheters verksamheternas

Usage notesEdit

  • Verksamhet is a neutral word, often used in legal texts and social sciences to denote any kind of private or public institution or enterprise.
  • While Swedish verksam (worksome, one who works; i.e. busy, but also effective) doubtlessly has the same roots as German wirksam (effective), their meanings do not fully overlap. And Swedish verksamhet (activity) has taken on quite a different meaning than German Wirksamkeit (effectiveness). Swedish verksamhet corresponds better to German Tätigkeit (activity).

Related termsEdit