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vertuus (comparative more vertuus, superlative most vertuus)

  1. Obsolete spelling of virtuous
    • c. 1520, William Peeris, “The prouerbis in the rouf of my lorde percy closett at lekyngfelde”, in Chronicle of the Family of Percy[1], published 1843, page 482:
      HE that made this hous for contemplacion / Myndyde specially excercyse of lernynge and vertuus occupation.



  1. (obsolete) plural of vertuu, an archaic spelling of virtue.
    • c. 1460, Turpines story: a Middle English translation of the Pseudo-Turpin chronicle[2], published 2004, →ISBN, Capitulum viii, page 13:
      [] we sholde dyȝe for vicis | and liffe with vertuus, []
    • 16th century, Henry VIII, “Lusty youth should us ensue”, in John E. Stevens, editor, Music & Poetry in the Early Tudor Court[3], published 1961, page 417:
      For withowt ther goode gydaunce / Yough shuld fall in grett myschaunce; / For yough ys frayle and prompt to doo, / As well vices as vertuus to ensew;