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wank +‎ -fest


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wankfest (plural wankfests)

  1. (slang, vulgar) An event, publication, etc. that is wanky: narcissistically foolish or pretentious.
    • 2001, Vincent McInerney, Writing for radio
      If what you write has any worth, it may lie submerged for a time, but will eventually surface when the present wankfest has passed.
    • 2004, Neil Kulkarni, Hip hop: bring the noise: the stories behind the biggest songs
      Most rap albums are too long — fact. lt's one of the perils of CDs that many albums in all genres have turned into over-indulgent wankfests...
    • 2014, Laurie Penny, The New Statesman, 12 Jan 2014:
      Whose wankfest is this anyway? The BBC's Sherlock doesn’t just engage with fan fiction - it is fan fiction.