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Wireframe representations

Alternative formsEdit


wire +‎ frame


wireframe (plural wireframes)

  1. (computer graphics) A visual model of an electronic representation of a three-dimensional object
    • 2001, Philip D. Rufe, Fundamentals of Manufacturing[1], →ISBN, page 153:
      A wireframe is transparent in nature, requiring some skill and expertise in interpreting the model.
  2. (web design) A basic visual guide used to suggest the layout of fundamental elements in a web interface
    • 2003, Andrew Chak, Submit Now: Designing Persuasive Web Sites[2], →ISBN, page 306:
      Wireframes should be simple sketches that you can quickly revise and not get attached to.


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wireframe (third-person singular simple present wireframes, present participle wireframing, simple past and past participle wireframed)

  1. (computer graphics) To generate a wireframe representation
    • 2003, William Gibson, Idoru[3], page 35:
      She'd barely wireframed it, here, and there was no there there, no interiority.
  2. (web design) To prepare a wireframe for a website
    • 2006, Daniel M. Brown, Communicating Design[4], →ISBN, page 290:
      There are a few lists you should make before you start wireframing.

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