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wonder +‎ world


wonderworld (plural wonderworlds)

  1. A place full of delights or marvels.
    • 1983, David Quentin Voigt, American Baseball: From Postwar Expansion to the Electronic Age
      In new suburban wonderworlds, psychic and social tensions challenged marital togetherness, prompting a new generation of muckrakers to expose the harried lives of affluent Americans.
    • 1996, Weekly World News (volume 18, number 7, 12 November 1996, page 18)
      Your child dives into the deep sea and meets a wonderworld of strange creatures!
    • 2003, Holly Hughes, Best Food Writing 2003 (page 181)
      When I finally took a trip to Marcoland, or to one outpost of his kingdom anyway, a wonderworld in Mayfair called Mirabelle, I found a fantasy of '50s posh, with neither wild attitude nor blood sausage in sight.
    • 2007, Natalie Robins, Steven M. L. Aronson, Savage Grace (page 164)
      I spent a lot of time at the Ballston Beach parking lot with him, blocking off large sections and flooding them with water from his house, making vast, swamp wonderworlds between the parked cars.