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いとう (romaji itō)

  1. 痛う, 甚う: (archaic) extremely, considerably


いとう (romaji itō)

  1. 以東: eastward, further east from a given reference point
  2. 伊富魚: a freshwater salmonid fish, species name Hucho perryi
  3. 位頭: (Buddhism, Zen) a head monk
  4. 怡蕩: (archaic) having fun according to one's own whims

Proper nounEdit

いとう (romaji Itō)

  1. 伊藤: A surname​.
  2. 伊東: A surname​.
  3. 伊東: a place in the east of the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture, known for its hot springs
  4. : A surname​.


いとう (transitive, godan conjugation, romaji itou)

  1. 厭う: to dislike, to mind; to take care of

いとう + する (intransitive, romaji itō suru)

  1. 怡蕩: (archaic) to have fun according to one's own whims