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See also: [U+2010 HYPHEN], [U+2013 EN DASH], [U+2212 MINUS SIGN], [U+2014 EM DASH], [U+4E00 CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-4E00], and [U+1680 OGHAM SPACE MARK]
Character -
Unicode name HYPHEN-MINUS
Code point U+002D
Unicode block Basic Latin
, [U+002C] [U+002E] .




  1. (hyphen)
  2. (minus sign)
  3. Any of the dashes: , , ,
  4. (chemistry) A single bond.

Usage notesEdit

The multiple uses of this character were a compromise that made sense in the early days of fixed-width typewriters and computer displays, but are not in agreement with proper typesetting. Nonetheless, the usage persists since the hyphen-minus is easy to enter on keyboards, well known, and at the same place in all common character sets.

Derived termsEdit

  • (small form variant)

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Punctuation markEdit


  1. (rare) A romanization of the (long vowel mark).