See also: appréciable



From French appréciable.



appreciable (comparative more appreciable, superlative most appreciable)

  1. Capable of being appreciated or estimated; large enough to be estimated; perceptible; considerable.
    • 1865, Charles Dickens, Our Mutual Friend, ch. 15:
      A grain of musk will scent a drawer for many years, and still lose nothing appreciable of its original weight.
    • 1915, P. G. Wodehouse, Something New, ch. 1:
      For an appreciable time he did not think of rising from his seat.
    • 2002, John J. Mearsheimer, "Realism, the Real World, and the Academy," in Realism and Institutionalism in International Studies (M. Brecher and F. P. Harvey, eds.), ISBN 9780472088591, p. 27:
      If NEAsia were a zone of peace, those American forces would be unnecessary and they could be sent home and demobilized, saving the U.S. taxpayer an appreciable sum of money.



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