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From elf +‎ -en. Compare elfin, elven.


elfen (comparative more elfen, superlative most elfen)

  1. Belonging to, or relating to, elves.
    • 1857, Olaf Liliekrans, A Play in Three Acts:
      ALFHILD. Were I an elfen maid, then truly, say I, it would fare with you ill! / OLAF. Forsooth, then are you the elfen maid!
    • 2008, Diane Fürch, caption to Elfen Scout:
      Everyday she patrols the borders of the elfen realm to make sure that humans stay out.

Old EnglishEdit

Alternative formsEdit


Feminine of elf, equivalent to elf +‎ -en. Cognate with Middle High German elbinne (a fairy, nymph).


elfen f (nominative plural elfena)

  1. A female elf, a fairy, nymph

Derived termsEdit

  • dūnelfen f — mountain nymph
  • sǣlfen f — sea nymph
  • wæterelfen f — water nymph
  • wūduelfen f — wood nymph
  • wyldeelfen f — tree nymph



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