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Etymology 1Edit

Late 16th century.


fap (not comparable)

  1. (obsolete) Drunk.
    • 1599, William Shakespeare, The Merry Wives of Windsor, act I, scene I
      BARDOLPH: Why, sir, for my part, I say the gentleman had drunk himself out of his five sentences.
      EVANS: It is his 'five senses'; fie, what the ignorance is!
      BARDOLPH: And being fap, sir, was, as they say, cashier'd; and so conclusions passed the careires.

Etymology 2Edit

Echoic Internet neologism from the sound of male masturbation, originally used in English translations of some adult Japanese manga, and popularized on the Internet by the webcomic The Thin H Line/Sexy Losers and other online sources.



  1. (informal) To indicate that someone (normally the speaker) is either masturbating, or inspired to by sexual arousal.
    I was watching some porn – fap fap fap – when my computer crashed, again!
    She's single?... *fap fap fap*


fap (third-person singular simple present faps, present participle fapping, simple past and past participle fapped)

  1. (slang) To masturbate.
    He really likes to fap; I hear him five times a day at least.
    I knew you liked fapping, but 300 gigabytes of porn is a little too much.


fap (plural faps)

  1. (slang, countable) A session of masturbation.
    I was horny, so I had a quick fap in the public restroom.
  2. (slang, uncountable, rare) Pornography.
    I've just downloaded loads of fap for while I'm away.

Derived termsEdit






  1. rafsi of fapro.