hardware (uncountable)

  1. Fixtures, equipment, tools and devices used for general-purpose construction and repair of a structure or object. Also such equipment as sold as stock by a store of the same name, e.g. hardware store.
    He needed a hammer, nails, screws, nuts, bolts and other assorted hardware, so he went to the hardware store.
  2. (informal) Equipment.
    military hardware
    • 2003 June 6, “Mission to Mars”, CBS_Rather: 
      BOWEN: The monster trucks of Mars rovers, joke scientists, equipped with an array of sophisticated hardware to look for signs of water and answer scientists questions.
    • 2009 May, Lee S. Langston, “plowing new ground.”, Mechanical Engineering, volume 131, number 5, page 40: 
      It is one thing to see an intercooler as a simple entry in a textbook, but to witness the actual hardware as it crawled down the road was awe-inspiring.
    • 2011 January, “Swedish Sportster”, Popular Mechanics, volume 188, number 1, page 27: 
      Smaller, turbocharged engines are one way to increase engine efficiency by 8 to 10 percent, but the extra hardware is expensive.
  3. (computing) The part of a computer that is fixed and cannot be altered without replacement or physical modification; motherboard, expansion cards, etc. Compare software.
    • 1952, "Binary Arithmetic", R.L. Michaelson, in The Incorporated Statistician, vol. 3, no. 1 (Feb. 1952), pp 35-40.
      Hardware is the generally accepted colloquism for anything inside a computer other than an engineer.
  4. (technology) Electronic equipment.
  5. Metal implements.
  6. (slang) A firearm.

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hardware m (uncountable)

  1. (computing) hardware




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hardware m (usually uncountable)

  1. (computing) hardware
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