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From Proto-Finnic *kuccudak, from earlier *kućću-; akin to the Samic verb reflected in e.g. Northern Sami goččut. Contains the reflexive suffix -u. The root is probably of Indo-European loan origin, either from Germanic (cf. Old Norse kveðja (to greet, to call upon, to demand)) or Baltic (cf. Lithuanian kviesti (to call, to sue, to ask), from earlier *kvaitja-). Uralic inheritance has also been suggested, in light of Khanty *kuuć- "to teach, to tempt" (suggesting a Proto-Uralic verb *kuććV-), for which an alternative etymology is however known as well.


  • IPA(key): [ˈkutsuɑ]
  • Rhymes: -utsuɑ
  • Hyphenation: kut‧su‧a


kutsua, (transitive)

  1. (+ genitive-accusative) to invite
    Kutsuin isän päivälliselle.
    I invited my father for dinner.
  2. (+ partitive) to beckon, call, call for summon (to shout out in order to summon)
    Nojauduin ulos takaovesta ja kutsuin Lucya.
    I leant out of the back door and called for Lucy.
    Olkaa hyvä ja istuutukaa. Teitä kutsutaan sukunimellä.
    Please have a seat. You will be called by the surname.
  3. (+ partitive) to call, name, dub
    Hänen alaisensa kutsuvat häntä epäkunnioittavasti vänrikki Nappulaksi.
    His subordinates disrespectfully call him lieutenant Sonny Fuzz.
  4. (+ partitive) to misname, dub (to call by a wrong name)
    Hän kutsui minua Pertiksi, mutta en antanut sen haitata.
    He misnamed me as Pertti, but I did not let it bother me.
  5. (+ genitive-accusative) to call up (to select e.g. to a sports squad)
  6. (+ genitive-accusative) ~ koolle, ~ kokoon: to muster (to collect, call or assemble together, such as troops or a group)
  7. (+ genitive-accusative) ~ palvelukseen: to muster, call out (to enroll into service, to order into service)
    Kuvernööri kutsui kansalliskaartin palvelukseen.
    The Governor called out the National Guard.
  8. (+ genitive-accusative) to hail, call out (to voice loudly in order to gain the attention of)
    ~ taksi: to hail a taxi, to call out a taxi


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