love +‎ -dom; compare kingdom, Christendom


lovedom (uncountable)

  1. (rare, nonce word) The condition or realm of love.
    • 1884, in Progress, volumes 3-4 (George William Foote), page 270:
      Naturally — and without, as it seems to me, very much self-sacrifice — he chooses release from lovedom.
    • 1941, in Coronet, volume 10, page 131:
      In her forties, energetic and painstaking, she has found that the triangle situation is by far lovedom’s gravest problem. In-law trouble comes next.
    • 2010, Rorry Nighttrain East, Time Share, in the book In the Gliding Sudden: A Book of Poetry & Prose, page 13:
      It's not the dark–blanked windows
      across the street at night
      that on beach Time Shares
      within our lovedom,
      blend so right.
      It's seeing you. Here again. Along
      venues of simple elegance.
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