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From pa- (a little) +‎ puve (rotting), with puve from the past stem puv- of the verb pūt (to rot).[1]


papuve f (5th declension)

  1. fallow, fallow land (land left unseeded for a year)
    atstāt zemi papuvē — to leave land fallow
    papuvju āršana — ploughing of the fallow lands
    papuves kultūrasfallow crops
    tīrā papuvefallow where no crops grow (lit. clean fallow)
    melnā papuvefallow which is kept with fertilizer and where weeds are systematically destroyed (lit. black fallow)


Derived termsEdit


  1. ^ “pūt” in Konstantīns Karulis (1992, 2001), Latviešu Etimoloģijas Vārdnīca, in 2 vols, Rīga: AVOTS, ISBN: 9984-700-12-7
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