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Proper nounEdit

Ю́та (Jútaf inan (genitive Ю́ты)

  1. Utah (a state of the United States)


Usage notesEdit

In formal writing, Юта and other U.S. State names are used in constructions so that they do not decline:

  • 2006 January 15, Эхо Москвы, (Please provide the book title or journal name)[1]:
    В шта́те Ю́та соверши́ла поса́дку ка́псула с коме́тным вещество́м
    V štáte Júta soveršíla posádku kápsula s kométnym veščestvóm
    In (the state of) Utah, a capsule with a comet substance landed

Related termsEdit