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Borrowed from German Äquator, from Medieval Latin aequātor.[1] Compare Ukrainian еква́тор (ekvátor), Belarusian эква́тар (ekvátar).

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Noun edit

эква́тор (ekvátorm inan (genitive эква́тора, nominative plural эква́торы, genitive plural эква́торов)

  1. equator (circle around the earth)
  2. (university slang) in 5-year college education program, the time after the 3-rd year winter term exams which is considered to be the middle of the entire college education period

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Descendants edit

  • Uyghur: ئېكۋاتور(ëkwator)

References edit

  1. ^ Vasmer, Max (1964–1973), “экватор”, in Этимологический словарь русского языка [Etymological Dictionary of the Russian Language] (in Russian), transl. & suppl. by Oleg Trubachyov, Moscow: Progress