From English telephone and cognates in other languages.



טֶלֶפוֹן (télefonm (plural indefinite טֶלֶפוֹנִים‎, singular construct טֶלֶפוֹן־, plural construct טֶלֶפוֹנֵי־‎)

  1. A phone, telephone.
    שיחת טלפון (sikhát-télefon): a phone call.
    מספר טלפון (mispár-télefon): a phone number.

Usage notesEdit

  • (all senses): There is some disagreement about the appropriate niqqud (diacritics) to use for the /e/ sounds. The Hebrew Academy, in its examples of loanword niqqud, uses the tzeirei: טֵלֵפוֹן‎,[1] as does Reuven Sivan and Edward A. Levenston, The New Bantam-Megiddo Hebrew & English Dictionary, Bantam Books (1975), →ISBN. However, Shimon Zilberman, The Up-to-Date English-Hebrew Hebrew-English Dictionary, Zilberman (1994), uses the segol: טֶלֶפוֹן.

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