Hebrew edit

Etymology edit

ע־ב־ר (ʿ-b-r)

From עִבְרִי ('ivrí, Hebrew).

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

עִבְרִית (ivrítf (no plural forms)

  1. Hebrew (language)

Hyponyms edit

Adjective edit

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עִבְרִית (ivrít)

  1. Feminine singular indefinite form of עברי (ivrí).

Adjective edit

עִבְרִיֹּת (ivriyót)

  1. defective spelling of עִבְרִיּוֹת.
    • Tanach, Exodus 1:19, with translation of the King James Version:
      כִּי לֹא כַנָּשִׁים הַמִּצְרִיֹּת הָעִבְרִיֹּת
      Because the Hebrew women are not as the Egyptian women

Anagrams edit