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From צ׳יק, meaning "small" — in this context meaning "fast" as in "a short time"



צִ׳יק צָ׳ק (chik-chak)

  1. (slang) very quickly, one-two-three
    • 2004, Love of Mother and Fear of Father: A Different perspective on Family, Abad Klinberg:
      .זה קרה צ׳יק צ׳ק. הזוגיות, ועוד יותר ממנה הילדים, החלו בתהליכי מיסוד של החברה המהפכנית הזאת כמעט ברגע לידתה
      It happened very quickly. The relationship, and even more than that the children, began the process of institutionalization of this revolutionary company almost at the moment of its birth.