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  • From the root ب ر ه ن (b-r-h-n), interrelated or derived from the roots ب ر ه (b-r-h) meaning "to make white", "to clear up", "to restore to a state of youth or innocence" and ب ر ء (b-r-ʾ) meaning "to be free from wrong", "to be absolved from wrongdoing", "to be without blame", "to be innocent".
  • From Ge'ez ብርሃን (bərhan, light, brightness), from በርሀ (bärhä, to be bright, to be clear).



بُرْهَان (burhānm (plural بَرَاهِين (barāhīn))

  1. proof, evidence
  2. a demonstration


Proper nounEdit

بُرْهَان (burhānm

  1. A male given name, Burhān, an epithet of the Islamic prophet Muhammad

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