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Diminutive of طِفْل(ṭifl, little child), though in the sense of “parasite” perhaps a backformation from the commoner adjective طُفَيْلِيّ(ṭufayliyy). Ancient Arabic lexicographers explained this sense as being derived from the name of a certain man called Ṭufayl, who, among the ancient Arabs, used to gatecrash feasts. However, a derivation directly from the diminutive sense might also make sense. Hebrew טַפִּיל(tapil, parasite) is a 19th-century invention based on the Arabic word.

Noun edit

طُفَيْل (ṭufaylm

  1. (biology) parasite
  2. Diminutive of طِفْل(ṭifl, little child)

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