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Etymology edit

Borrowed from French lori, itself from Malay luri.

Noun edit

لوری (lori, lory)

  1. lorikeet, lory, any of various brightly coloured parrots native to Australasia

Descendants edit

  • Turkish: lori

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Etymology edit

Inherited from Prakrit 𑀮𑁄𑀭 (lora), 𑀮𑁄𑀮 (lola) + Middle Indo-Aryan -𑀇𑀓𑀸- (-ikā-), from Sanskrit लोल (lola).

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

لوری (lorīf (Hindi spelling लोरी)

  1. lullaby

Declension edit

Declension of لوری
singular plural
direct لوری (lorī) لوریاں (loriyā̃)
oblique لوری (lorī) لوریوں (loriyō̃)
vocative لوری (lorī) لوریو (loriyō)

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