From Middle Persian, equivalent to Classical Persian نیفه(nēfa) and cognate with Central Kurdish نێفەک(nêfek).



نَيْفَق (nayfaqm (plural نَيَافِق(nayāfiq)) (obsolete)

  1. the top middle area of a pair of trousers or drawers where a cord goes through to support the two legs, waistband or a certain part thereof
    • 1908 May 1, “المسلمون والذميون والمعاهدون”, in مجلة المقتبس [Al-Muqtabas], number 28:
      فأخذ يحادثه ويعبث بذلك الفتق حتى بلغ حد النيفق (وهو الموضع المتسع في السراويل والقميص)‎‎
      And he [the physician] begang to chat with him and diddle at his hernia until he reached the waistband (and this is the waistband (and this is the broad area between trowsers and the chemise)
    Synonym: تِكَّة(tikka)