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From Proto-Indo-Iranian *átharwā (priest); ultimate origin unknown. Some scholars suggest that it derives from a BMAC substratum.


अथर्वन् (átharvanm

  1. a priest who has to do with fire and Soma

Proper nounEdit

अथर्वन् (Átharvanm

  1. name of the priest who is said to have been the first to institute the worship of fire and offer Soma and prayers (he is represented as a Prajāpati, as Brahmā's eldest son, as the first learner and earliest teacher of the Brahma-vidyā, as the author of the Atharva-veda, as identical with Aṅgiras, as the father of Agni, etc.)
  2. name of Śiva, Vasishṭha

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