दूरवाणीं करोति



From दूरवाणीं (dūravāṇīṃ) +‎ करोति (karoti), which literally refers to "do phone".



दूरवाणीं करोति (dūravāṇīṃ karoti)

  1. (neologism) to phone, to phone up, to ring up, to call someone on phone
    अस्तु, श्वः पुनः दूरवाणीं करोतिastu, śvaḥ punaḥ dūravāṇīṃ karoti.Okay, he will again phone up tomorrow.
    कः दूरवाणीं कृतवान् इति वदामि?kaḥ dūravāṇīṃ kṛtavān iti vadāmi?Who shall I say phoned him up?

Usage notesEdit

The verb दूरवाणीं करोति is always used for a subject that is in third person singular form. For other persons and other numbers, the verb करोति have to be changed accordingly. For example, to say, "I will phone up", it will be अहम् दूरवाणीं करिष्यामि