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Telugu edit

Etymology edit

Inherited from Proto-Dravidian *atta. Cognate with Tamil அத்தை (attai, mother-in-law, paternal aunt).

Pronunciation edit

IPA(key): /at̪ːa/

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  • Rhymes: -త్త

Noun edit

అత్త (atta? (plural అత్తలు)

  1. mother-in-law
    అత్త చచ్చిన ఆరు మాసాలకు కోడలి కంట నీరు వచ్చినదట
    atta caccina āru māsālaku kōḍali kaṇṭa nīru vaccinadaṭa
    Six months after the death of the mother-in-law, tears came into the eyes of the daughter-in-law.
  2. paternal aunt (father's sister)
  3. maternal uncle's wife

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