Alternative formsEdit


ᨴᩈ (dasa)

  1. Tai Tham script form of dasa
    • 2004, Sai Kam Mong, The History and Development of the Shan Scripts, Chiang Mai, Thailand: Silkworm Books, →ISBN, →OCLC, page 241:
      ᨿᩴᨾᩘᨣᩃᩴᨴ᩠ᩅᩤᨴᩈᩉᩥ ᨧᩥᨶ᩠ᨲᨿᩥᩴᩈᩩ ᩈᨴᩮᩅᨠᩣ
      ᩈᩮᩣᨲ᩠ᨳᩣᨶᩴᨶᩣᨵᩥᨣᨧ᩠ᨨᨶ᩠ᨲᩥ ᪨ ᩋᨭᩛᨲᩥᩴᩈᨬ᩠ᨧᨾᩘᨣᩃᩴ
      yaṃ maṅgalaṃ dvādasahi cintayiṃsu sadevakā
      sotthānaṃ nādhigacchanti aṭṭhatiṃsañca maṅgalaṃ
      For twelve years [men] along with devas pondered, “What is welfare?”. But they did not arrive at the eight and thirty welfares that bring happiness.
      (Word for 'twelve' is a compound of word for 'ten')


Optionally indeclinable.


Recorded as unmodified source of Northern Thai ᨴᩈ in Rungrueangsi, Udom (January 2004) Northern Thai-Thai Dictionary - Princess Mother Volume (in Thai), Chiangmai: Chiang Mai University, →ISBN