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  1. (pharmacy) Apothecary symbol for ounce (unit of weight).
    • 1599, Oswaldus Gabelhouer, translated by Charles Battus and A. M., The Boock of Physicke: [] (in English), Dort: [] Isaack Caen, page 116, column 2:
      Take Sugrede Coriandre ſeedes 3 qv. of an ovvnce, deſcidede liqveriſh [?]. Calmus, redd Roſes, ana a q. of an ounce, Cĩnamone 3 qv. of an ounce, Ginger, cloves, Mace, Nuttmegges, ana a q. of an oũce, all vvhich being contunded together, & as much Suger mixede thervvith, as ther is of the other poulder, or accordinge as vve deſire the dulcor therof, vve muſt in the morning faſting, or one hovver before ſuppervſe heerof.
    • 1624, Philip Barrough [i.e., Philip Barrow], “Of Making Bolus”, in The Method of Physick, Contaning[sic] the Cavses, Signes, and Cvres of Inward Diseases in Mans Body, from the Head to the Foote. Whereunto is Added, The Forme and Rule of Making Remedies and Medicines, which Our Physitions Commonly Vse at this Day, with the Proportion, Quantity, and Names of Each Medicine, 6th edition, book VII (in English), London: Imprinted by Richard Field, dwelling in great Woodstreete, →OCLC, page 397:
      Bolvs in Engliſh is called a morſell. It is a medicine laxatiue, in forme and faſhion it is meanely whole, and it is ſwallowed by little gobbets. [] Medulla Caſſiæ fiſtulæ [n]ewly drawne, . j. or ʒ. x. the graines, that is, the kernels, of Barberies, . ß and with Sugar roſet [sugar compounded with rose petals], make a bole.

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