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◌ْ U+0652, ْ
Arabic ◌ٓ

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  1. sukūn (سُكُون), indicates the absence of a vowel after a consonant or the presence of a diphthong.

Usage notes edit

The word final sukūn in a vocalised Arabic text is routinely omitted even in texts designed for learners as the actual pronunciation of the final consonant may depend on the position of the word in a sentence, position of the clausal pause, level of formality and may vary from speaker to speaker. The noun inflection (and of some other parts of speech) is almost absent in all modern Arabic dialects and more relaxed forms of MSA, so case usage is considered too complicated even for native Arabic speakers and not consistently taught. The texts of Qurʾān are a notable exception where the exact pronunciation is considered very important.

Synonyms edit

  • ـۡ (Eastern sukun)

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ـَ (-a) ـُ (-u) ـِ (-i) ـّ ـْ ـً (-an) ـٌ (-un) ـٍ (-in) ـٰ () ـۡ‏ ـٓ ـ۟ ـ۠ ـۢ ـࣰ ـࣱ ـࣲ ـ۪