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ぎゃ (gya

  1. The hiragana syllable ぎゃ (gya). Its equivalent in katakana is ギャ (gya).

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Palatalized form of case particle (ga). Found in the Okinawa strata.

Particle edit

ぎゃ (gya (Northern Ryukyuan)

  1. (archaic) the nominative case; marks the subject of the verb
    • 1531-1623: Omoro Sōshi
      一 聞得大君ぎや 降れて 遊びよわれば 天が下 平らげて ちよわれ 又 鳴響む精高子が 又 首里杜ぐすく 真玉杜ぐすく
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