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コーナー (rōmaji kōnā)

  1. corner
    1. An area set aside for some purpose
      • 喫煙 (きつえん)コーナーkitsuen kōnāsmoking area
      • ATM コーナーATM kōnāATM corner; place where automated teller machines are located
    2. An area of interest or specialization
      • スポーツ コーナーsupōtsu kōnāsports section [of a newspaper]
      • 弁当 (べんとう)のコーナーobentō no kōnāboxed lunch section [of a shop]
    3. (baseball) One of the corners of the strike zone
      • コーナーに直球 (ちょっきゅう)kōnā ni chokkyūfastball in the corner
    4. (soccer) A corner of the goal
      • コーナー に きめるkōnā ni kimeruscore with a shot to the corner
    5. (soccer) A corner kick
    6. (boxing) One of the corners of a boxing ring
    7. (racing) A curve of the racing track
    8. A small waste bin placed in the corner of a kitchen sink

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