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U+3106, ㄆ


Translingual edit

Stroke order
Stroke order

Letter edit

  1. type: initial consonant
  2. general transliteration: p
  3. keyboard key: Q

Descendants edit

Chinese edit

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Glyph origin edit

Derived from , a variant form of () (Mandarin: ), "to knock lightly".

Etymology 1 edit

Initial consonant derived from () (Mandarin: ), "to knock lightly" + rhyme.

Pronunciation edit

Letter edit

  1. 2nd letter of the Zhuyin alphabet
  2. 3rd letter of the extended Zhuyin alphabet

Phoneme edit

  1. (general) sound IPA(key): /pʰ/
    (Pinyin: p), which is commonly present in Chinese

Etymology 2 edit

Simplified from (), typing only ㄆ instead of the full character pronunciation on Zhuyin keyboards.

Definitions edit

For pronunciation and definitions of – see .
(This character is an Internet slang variant form of ).

References edit

Northern Qiandong Miao edit

Letter edit

  1. 2nd letter of the Hmu Zhuyin alphabet.

Phoneme edit

  1. sound IPA(key): /pʰ/ (Hutton): p'

References edit

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