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U+310D, &#12557;


Translingual edit

Stroke order

Letter edit

  1. type: initial consonant
  2. general transliteration: g
  3. keyboard key: E

Descendants edit

Chinese edit

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Glyph origin edit

Derived from the obsolete character (Mandarin: guì/kuài), "river".

Etymology edit

Initial consonant derived from the obsolete character (Mandarin: guì/kuài), "river" + rhyme.

Pronunciation edit

Letter edit

  1. 9th letter of the Zhuyin alphabet
  2. 11th letter of the extended Zhuyin alphabet

Phoneme edit

  1. (general) Sound IPA(key): /k/
    (Pinyin: g), which is commonly present in Chinese.

References edit

Northern Qiandong Miao edit

Letter edit

  1. 10th letter of the Hmu Zhuyin alphabet.

Phoneme edit

  1. sound IPA(key): /k/ (Hutton): k, g

References edit

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